Piper Aircraft Parts and Accessories: Hydraulic Actuators and Hydraulic Power Packs 

Over the last several months, we’ve covered a lot of different aircraft parts and functions as part of our goal to educate and inform pilots, mechanics, and aircraft owners about the importance of aircraft maintenance and keeping your systems in tiptop shape. In the next several articles, we’re going to take a deeper dive into all the airframes AAI supports. Whether you fly a Beechcraft, Bombardier Challenger, Cessna, Citation, King Air, or Piper, AAI can help you get the aircraft parts you need better, faster, cheaper, and without losing quality. Regardless of what airframe you own, AAI’s goal is to help you get access to hard-to-find aircraft parts without the headaches, long lead times, and high prices. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on Piper aircraft maintenance with a specific focus on two parts: hydraulic actuators and hydraulic power packs. As a pilot, mechanic, or aircraft owner, we understand how frustrating it is to have a grounded plane. When you partner with AAI for your exchange or overhaul, you’ll have options and high-level technical experience you won’t find elsewhere. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get your Piper aircraft back in the air with AAI. 

AAI Overhauls and Exchanges Piper Aircraft Parts 

When it comes to your Piper aircraft, it is important to send your parts for overhaul or exchange to a certified repair station that has experience in expertise with Piper hydraulic systems.  AAI provides more than just a shiny paint job; we make sure the part works just as good as it looks. Keeping your aircraft’s hydraulic system well-maintained and functioning properly can help prevent related issues from popping up that may cause more costly damage to the aircraft. 

What is a Hydraulic Actuator?  

A hydraulic actuator uses hydraulic power to facilitate mechanical operation. An aircraft’s hydraulic systems deliver force from a hydraulic pump to a piece of equipment using hydraulic fluid. Many Piper aircraft utilze hydraulic actuators to extend and retract components such as landing gear and flap systems. 

Piper Hydraulic Actuator Overhaul and Inspection 

When it comes to your Piper hydraulic actuator, there is no calendar or cycle overhaul requirement, but it is important to inspect during each annual inspection to determine if overhaul is needed. 

Corrosion and wear tend to be the worst problem with hydraulic systems. At AAI, we commonly receive hydraulic actuators in for leaks and are able to identify more severe root causes that can be fixed and fully restored. Instead of just replacing seals, we perform detailed inspections and develop surface repairs to ensure parts are ready to be put back into service. To learn more about hydraulic actuators, read more in our blog post about hydraulic system parts and maintenance! 

What is a Hydraulic Power Pack? 

Hydraulic systems on smaller aircraft made up of components that do not require a great deal of force to operate are likely to be driven by an electric pump, often referred to as a power pack. These systems should be inspected regularly since they are not driven by the main aircraft engine (in most cases) and can easily be overlooked. 

Like electric fuel pumps, the power packs connected to hydraulic systems only operate sporadically. They aren’t designed to run continuously. So, even in instances where a failure doesn’t equate to an emergency, it is still quite important to keep the aircraft well-maintained and functioning properly. This will prevent related issues from popping up that may cause more costly damage to the aircraft. When repairs are missed or if only basic repairs are performed on worn or failing parts, the longevity of the aircraft will be compromised. 

Piper Hydraulic Power Pack Overhaul and Inspection 

When it comes to your Piper hydraulic power pack, just like Piper actuators there is no specific overhaul requirement, but it is important to inspect during each annual inspection to determine if overhaul is required. 

AAI Services Several Different Piper Aircraft Models 

AAI can help with maintenance on a lot of different Piper models, including the PA-23 Aztec, PA-46 Malibu, PA-31 Navajo, and PA-28 Cherokee. Regardless of the model you’re flying, AAI can help eliminate the frustration that comes with needing to repair or replace an aircraft part, especially on a tight turn around.  

AAI Will Help You Get Certified Piper Parts Fast 

When you can’t find the parts you need, the problems multiply. You send in your plane for routine maintenance and expect to have it back in a week. But inspections turn up several parts that need to be replaced, which could take weeks or even months. What now? 

The entire process of locating, ordering, and receiving certified aircraft accessories is a huge headache. 

Uncertified, untested parts are all over the internet, but do you really want to risk your safety for convenience? Certified replacement parts can take a ridiculously long time to ship – sometimes months – and the cost can be absurdly high.  

Unless you shop with AAI. 

We’ll help you avoid the delays and headaches, and instead get certified, safe, and tested aircraft accessories so that you can fix your aircraft and get back to flying. 

We make it easy for you to get the Piper parts you need: 

1. Call AAI 

2. Get a quote 

3. Fix your plane and fly 

Check out our certified parts and accessories for Piper aircraft here. 

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