Certified Accessories and Landing Gear for Bombardier Challenger Aircraft

AAI is an FAA Certified Accessory
Repair Station for most
Bombardier Challenger Aircraft Models

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AAI is an FAA and EASA Part 145 Accessory Repair station that overhauls and exchanges hard-to-find accessories and landing gear for most Bombardier Challenger models.


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Aircraft Parts and Maintenance
Services Supported by AAI:

When you send your Bombardier Challenger aircraft parts away to be exchanged or overhauled, you want to know you’re getting the best service for them so you can get your plane back in the air with confidence and the security that comes with safe, certified, and tested parts.

AAI doesn’t just do a shiny paint job and send the part on its way; we take every part of the job seriously from receiving, to disassembly and inspection to recoating and assembly. We put parts through rigorous testing to make sure they are truly ready to be operational again.

Services Supported by AAI

AAI Certified Bombardier Challenger Aircraft Parts

Scheduled Maintenance for Bombardier Challenger Aircraft

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We make it easy to get the certified Bombardier Challenger parts you need to get your plane back in the air.

We make it easy to get the certified Bombardier Challenger parts you need to get your plane back in the air.

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With a heritage dating back to the very first business jet, Bombardier has at its core a forward looking, innovative spirit that is embodied by its people and the aircraft they have proudly manufactured, sold and supported with the expertise handed down over the last 50 years.