Certified Accessories and Landing Gear for Beechcraft Aircraft

AAI is an FAA Certified Accessory
Repair Station for most
Beechcraft Aircraft Models

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AAI is an FAA and EASA Part 145 Accessory Repair station that overhauls and exchanges hard-to-find accessories and landing gear for most Beechcraft models.


Beechcraft Aircraft Models AAI Services

Baron 58P
Baron B55
Baron E55
Baron 58
Baron G58
Baron 58TC
Baron 56TC
Baron A56TC
Bonanza F33
Bonanza G33
Bonanza F33A
Bonanza F33C
Bonanza 33
Bonanza E33
Debonair 33
Debonair E33
Debonair H33
Debonair V35A
Debonair V35B
19 Musketeer
23 Musketeer
23 Custom
23 Sundowner
24 Sierra
Bonanza 36
45 Mentor
Twin Bonanza 50
Twin Bonanza B50
Twin Bonanza J50
Twin Bonanza D50E
Twin Bonanza C50
Twin Bonanza D50E
Twin Bonanza E50
Duke 60
Queen Air 65
Queen Air A65
Queen Air 70
Queen Air 80
Queen Air A80
Queen Air B80
Queen Air 88
Queen Air 76
Duchess 76
Skipper 77
95 Travel Air
King Air F90
King Air 90
King Air A90
King Air B90
King Air C90
King Air C90A
King Air C90GT
King Air 100
King Air A100
King Air B100
King Air 200
King Air B200
King Air B200T
King Air B200C
King Air B200CT
Super King Air B200
Super King Air B200GT
King Air B200CGT
King Air 300
Super King Air 300
King Air B300
King Air B350I

1900C Airliner

1900D Airliner

99 Airliner
99A Airliner
A99A Airliner
B99 Airliner
C99 Airliner

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Aircraft Parts and Maintenance
Services Supported by AAI

When you send your Beechcraft aircraft parts away to be exchanged or overhauled, you want to know you’re getting the best service for them so you can get your plane back in the air with confidence and the security that comes with safe, certified, and tested parts.

AAI doesn’t just do a shiny paint job and send the part on its way; we take every part of the job seriously from receiving, to disassembly and inspection to recoating and assembly. We put parts through rigorous testing to make sure they are truly ready to be operational again.

Services Supported by AAI

AAI Certified Beechcraft Aircraft Parts

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Send us your part for service, and our certified technicians will repair and send it back - typically in 5-10 days or less.


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Our certified technicians are available for troubleshooting.
Call us at (770) 703-4316.

We make it easy to get the certified Beechcraft parts you need to get your plane back in the air.

We make it easy to get the certified Beechcraft parts you need to get your plane back in the air.

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