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Whether you’re flying Grandpa’s two-seater or a corporate business jet, AAI will take care of your needs. AAI understands the frustration that comes with needing to repair or replace an airplane part, especially on a tight turnaround. That’s why we have made it easy to get what you need, regardless of airframe model or service. AAI offers services in aircraft accessory and landing gear restoration, repair, overhaul, maintenance and inspections so you can get your plane the parts it needs and back in the air where it belongs.

When you can’t find the parts you need, the problems multiply.

When you can’t find the parts you need, the problems multiply. Whether you’re an aircraft owner or mechanic, not being able to find the parts you need is frustrating and can lead to bigger issues.
  • Your plane is grounded longer, which means it isn’t in the air where it belongs.
  • You risk settling for low quality aircraft parts.
  • You feel stressed, frustrated, and hopeless.

Aircraft owners deserve safe and certified parts at a fair price.

We understand the problems aircraft owners and mechanics deal with. It’s hard to find safe, certified, and tested parts from a reputable source. AAI overhauls and exchanges hard-to-find aircraft accessories and landing gear so that mechanics get the parts they need, planes get fixed quickly, and aircraft owners can get back to flying.

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